Adventure Expedition

Welcome to Adventure Expedition : For relaxation of mind and soul

Adventure Expedition

We are a group of professionals with a vision to aid specially needed by generating employment in rural areas, thereby bringing them closer to us.


We reach out to you to make this a WIN-WIN situation for all the stakeholders – employment generation for the needy and a stress-free environment for the urbanites.


Relax, enjoy and bask in the aroma of unadulterated lifestyle. Witness the true joy of walking away from concrete jungles and constant, blaring sounds which shatter our very souls.


Our escapade is just a few hours’ drive from Delhi. Take the journey and let your mind roam free!


We also conduct other expeditions – Scuba Diving, Surfing and Sky diving (away from Delhi) under able guidance of experienced and qualified professionals.


Come join us to explore the unexplored!